Monday, July 18, 2016

Beanfield's New Chips!

I've long been a fan of Beanfield's bean and rice tortilla chips. They're tortilla chips you can actually feel pretty good about. Since they're made with real beans and rice, these chips have a decent amount of protein (for a chip) and more fiber and less fat than traditional tortilla chips.

Plus, Beanfield's is the maker of the first (and only?) vegan nacho cheese tortilla chip. I remember when they first came out, it was like a vegan miracle. We could finally have something resembling nacho cheese Doritos again and have it be much healthier. They also make amazing barbecue tortilla chips, pico de gallo chips, and vegan ranch chips!

And now Beanfield's has released three new flavors. I actually won an Instagram contest for free samples of the new flavors (lucky me!), and Beanfield's sent me a giant box of chips in every flavor! I've reviewed the older flavors before, so I figure I'll just talk about the new ones here. My favorite new flavor is Jalapeno Nacho! It's just like the regular nacho flavor but SPICY! Look how much spice powder is on this chip!

I recommend eating the Jalapeno Nacho unadorned — no dip or toppings — so you can get the full effect of the awesome flavor. But sometimes, you just gotta have nachos, and they work well there too! Here they're topped with Let Thy Food Chili con Queso, Fantastic Foods Vegetarian Taco Filling (made from TVP), guacamole, Tofutti sour cream, Drew's mango-habanero salsa, and lots of veggies.

Most of Beanfield's flavored chips (and the sea salt variety) are made with a mix of brown rice, black beans, and navy beans. But there's a new White Bean with Sea Salt chip that's made with just navy beans and rice. It has a slightly different flavor, one that's more reminiscent of a white bean dip or spread. I enjoyed these with more Let They Food queso.

They've also released a new Black Bean & Sea Salt chip that's made with — you guessed it — just black beans and rice. These have a deep beany flavor that pairs WONDERFULLY with hummus. I ripped open the first bag in my car on my trip to Bonnaroo last month, which is why the torn bag is positioned atop my camping gear, pillow, and hula hoop.

These black bean chips literally sustained me throughout my weekend at Bonnaroo. I picked up a Tribe Garlic & Herb Hummus at Walmart near the campsite and stored it in the cooler all weekend. I had chips and hummus for a snack every day. So good!

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