Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stuff I Ate

Lots of random meal posts this week, so yet again, I'm dividing these up into two posts. Tonight, I'll share some pics of a few meals I've been eating, and then tomorrow, I'll share more. In case you're not familiar, my "stuff I ate" posts are basically just a hodge-podge of meals that don't really warrant their own posts. But they're too delicious not to share in some way!

We'll start with this gorgeous salad from Loflin Yard, a new downtown bar with a massive patio, barrel-aged cocktails, a waterfall, and a lovely little park space for lounging. The menu is quite small right now, and it's very meat-heavy. They have a smokehouse on-site, and I wish they'd smoke some mushrooms or tofu and do a vegan sandwich option. But for now, they have this Grilled Romaine Salad that's vegan if you ask them to leave off the cheese and swap out the normal dressing (which contains cheese) for oil and vinegar. It comes with olives, roasted tomatoes, and homemade croutons. Really yummy! They also have vegan peanut slaw as a side for sandwiches, but since none of their sandwiches are vegan, that's a little weird. Add a vegan sandwich, Loflin Yard!

One day a couple weekends back, I had some work to do over the weekend. So I packed my laptop and headed to Otherlands coffeehouse and ordered an Iced Toffee Soy Latte and a Bagel with Tofutti Cream Cheese. Made working on the weekend totally tolerable.

Hey, here's a quick breakfast! It's a Modern Oats Apple Walnut instant oat cup with fresh blueberries.

Last week, I made the Spicy BBQ Jackfruit from Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking for sandwiches. But I ended up with lots of BBQ jackfruit, and I eventually got tired of having it on sandwiches. So I layered some in a jar with Hampton Creek Just Ranch, Chao Tomato-Cayenne vegan cheese, black beans, carrots, radish, corn, romaine, and vegan bacon bits for this BBQ Salad in a Jar.

Here's that salad after I dumped it into a bowl to eat at my desk.

Our June Vegan Drinks meetup was at Evelyn & Olive, a vegan-friendly Jamaican restaurant. I got my usual — Black Bean Tacos (with tofu and kiwi salsa!), Pigeon Peas & Rice, and Tomato-Cucumber Salad. 

Breakfasts for the past couple weeks have been super simple — Kashi Island Vanilla Shredded Wheat with Blueberries and Pistachio Milk with Field Roast Apple Maple Vegan Sausage.

After a hot 3-mile run and yoga class last Saturday, I popped by LYFE Kitchen downtown for a Morning Veggie Wrap. This vegan breakfast wrap typically comes loaded with Daiya cheddar, and I took one bite and knew something was missing. I went to the clerk to let them know they forgot the vegan cheese, and they informed me they were out. Damn. I wish they'd have let me know BEFORE I ordered. Oh well. This tofu scramble wrap was still yummy, but it's best with Daiya.

Speaking of wraps, I FINALLY tracked down my favorite food truck — Hot Mess! This vegan-friendly burrito truck is never where I need it to be when a burrito craving strikes. But last week, they parked outside a Planned Parenthood lecture (on Memphis feminist history!), and I was already attending the lecture. So I finally got my Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burrito fix! It got it with the super hot sauce this time, and my face was on fire. But it was so delicious and just got better with every bite. Hot Mess makes their own tortillas, and they're pretty much the best thing ever.


vegan peace said...

I think sweet potatoes and black beans were made for each other! Homemade tortillas sound amazing, no wonder they're your fave!

Sarah said...

I love your Stuff I Ate posts! I can't even pick a favorite dish from these because they all look so incredible! Although the grilled salad definitely has me intrigued! It looks and sounds amazing!

Jennifer said...

I love when places have vegan cream cheese!

Chelsey said...

Ermagherd! These all look so good. I haven't had a bagel in too long.

Susan said...

Disappointing that they didn't let you know they were out of cheese when you ordered!
Your BBQ salad in a jar looks perfect.