Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So Delicious Almondmilk

So Delicious has a new line of almondmilk! That's right — the makers of cashew milk ice cream, coconut yogurt, and coconut ice cream bars are now making almondmilk. And it's damn good.

So Delicious sent me some samples to try. There are two new blends —Walnut Almondmilk Blend and Coconut Almondmilk Blend.

And two new pure almondmilks in Unsweetened and Vanilla.

I'd seen these in the store, but I hadn't sprung to buy them yet when the samples arrived. But I'd had my eyes on the Walnut Almondmilk Blend for some time. I mean, walnut milk, y'all!! Seriously. Of course, I opened that one right away. It has a strong walnut flavor that completely overpowers the almond taste, and that's a good thing because it means this milk is set apart from any other milk on the market right now. I knew I wanted to enjoy it in its purest form — not cooked in some dish or mixed into a smoothie. So I enjoyed most of this carton in my Love Foods Fruity Sea Stars cereal. I will definitely be making the walnut milk a regular part of my life. It's my fave of the four.

Next up, I opened the Vanilla Almondmilk because I thought it'd also be good in cereal and in my morning smoothies. It has a strong vanilla flavor and only a hint of sweetness despite this being a sweetened almondmilk. None of the new flavors are more than 50 calories, which means they're not overly loaded with sugar. The vanilla milk was excellent mixed with some Vega Sport mocha protein after a run one morning.

I've been using the Coconut Almondmilk Blend in all kinds of ways. I'd say it's the thickest out of the bunch, probably because coconut milk tends to be thicker. When I made some hot mandarin masala chai at my desk at work today, I knew the coconut blend would be the best match. The coconut flavor is very mild, so it doesn't tend to add a coconut flavor to your food. But it is a little sweet and best used in sweet applications.

I tend to use unsweetened milks in savory recipes. And last Sunday, as I was preparing for our brunch potluck, I decided to use the unsweetened almondmilk in the gravy for my breakfast casserole. I knew one of the guests was allergic to soy, so I figured my casserole would be safe if I used almondmilk in the country gravy and left the vegan sausage out of a small portion I'd made for him. But once I arrived at the potluck, with my big casserole and a small sausage-less one for our soy-free friend, I was informed that he's also allergic to almonds! Oh well! The gravy came out deliciously with the almond milk instead of soy.

Love the new milks! I'll be buying them all regularly, but that walnut blend has a special place in my heart!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Ooh, these milks sound fabulous! Especially the walnut one. And I'm jealous you have the Love Grown stars cereal there too :)

Anonymous said...

I tried and really liked the walnut one, but honestly, I didn't think it tasted like walnuts at all.

vegan peace said...

Thanks for the great review! I've seen these start popping up, and the walnut blend intrigued me, now I know when I need plant milk again, this is what I need to try.

Unknown said...

I'm so envious you were sent all of these! The walnut milk sounds interesting. I buy almond coconut milk from blue diamond often, would love to see how this one compares- i like it in my tea and also use it to mix with my vanilla protein powder