Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Green Goddess Gourmet Popcorn Flavors!

I've got a special post for my Mid-South readers tonight! Long-time Memphis vegan Omidele Ayetoro (some may know her as Bastet) has been popping up some of the finest popcorn in the South for several years now. She sells her flavored, all-natural popcorn at the Memphis and Germantown Whole Foods, City Market, and at Cosmic Coconut under her brand, Green Goddess Gourmet Foods (formerly known as OC Vegan Foods).

Her original Green Goddess popcorn (a mouth-watering blend of spirulina, kelp, garlic, nooch, and spices) and Garlic & Herbs popcorn (Garlicky noochy goodness! That's my fave flavor!) have been available for a couple years, but she's just released two new flavors! She asked me to try them and post a review. Popcorn is basically my favorite food group, so I was more than happy to oblige. 

One of the new flavors is savory, and the other is sweet. So I started with the spicy, savory Caribbean Curry.

Omidele does not skimp on flavor. Every kernel is coated in spices, and some (the best ones!) are so coated that you can't even see any white corn shining through. It's like when you're eating from a bag of chips, and you find that one chip that's completely covered in spices, so you save it for last. That's what I do with the extra-coated kernels. The curry popcorn is generously seasoned with Jamaican curry power and cayenne, so it's got a very spicy kick. One or two bites, and you won't notice as much heat. But eat a bowlful, and you'll be blowing your nose a bit. Nothing wrong with that though! Bring on the heat.

I love that she pops her corn in coconut oil because it adds such a richness and depth of flavor. And even with the savory flavors, there's a pinch of sugar added for balance. That sugar really helps mellow out the curry spice heat. It's just perfect!

Next up is the sweet popcorn — a kettle-cooked Caramel Popcorn!

As much as I love popcorn, I typically opt for savory flavors over caramel corn. BUT kettle-cooked popcorn is whole 'nother story. I crave that salty sweetness, and once I pop, I can't stop. This sweet popcorn is seasoned with a touch of salt and even a pinch of cayenne, so there's a sweet heat lingering under the surface. She uses vegan butter, coconut oil, and safflower oil in this one, so you know it's good. Plus, there are kettle-cooked cashews and pecans in the bag too!

These new flavors are so good! And local stores already have them in stock! Go get some. For my non-local readers, I don't believe Green Goddess Gourmet ships, so you'll just have to dream. Or maybe pick some up on your next visit to Memphis! If you want more info, you can sign up on the Green Goddess mailing list here.


janiam said...

I'm not vegan, but I love your blog. I too think that popcorn is definitely a food group. How have I never happened upon this at WF? I can't wait to try it!

Jennifer said...

I love savory flavors and sometimes with vegan foods that can be hard. Usually people like to add sugar to them. So that curry popcorn looks fabulous!

David Alexander said...

I have ordered popcorn from this place (OC Vegan) online....years ago. I initially found it at s Whole Foods Market in Atlanta....then it was gone. I Had 10 bags sent from Memphis to my Atlanta home. It took weeks for me to get it after i placed my order...way too long. Upon arrival, I found the bags thrown into a cardboard box w/four bags busted. No attention to packaging. I tried to contact the company with no luck. Customer service left a lot to be desired....I hope this culture has changed along with the name change! With that being said: I will STILL order popcorn from this company ...because, damn it was good!