Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GoMacro Bars!

It's time for another bar review! And this time, I've found a new favorite. I know I say everything is my favorite, so it's a little hard to take me seriously there. And honestly, most of the time, whatever I'm eating is my favorite thing of the moment. I just love food. But I seriously believe GoMacro is my for-real favorite bar. I've sampled a LOT of energy and snack bars for this blog, and these top them all.

I'd seen GoMacro on the shelves at Whole Foods for awhile, and they're attractive packaging always lured me in. I'm a sucker for a nicely designed package. I wanted to buy them and try them so bad! But I had such a stockpile of bars at home, I just couldn't justify buying any bars. But GoMacro asked if I'd like some samples for review, and I couldn't say no! They sent me a big ole box of sample-size mini macrobars.

Most bar companies send anywhere from three to six flavors for reviews, but GoMacro sent so many different flavors. I was overwhelmed! Here's one of each.

Unlike some bars that tend to have a uniform texture, each flavor of these macrobars varies in texture. Some, like the nut butter flavors, are chewy. Others, like the fruity ones, are soft. I really enjoyed how much each flavor varied because I felt like I wasn't eating the same bar over and over. GoMacro bars are made with only a few ingredients, and they tend to vary widely, too. Some contain rice and pea protein and have a higher protein content. Others have lower protein and more organic fruit or gluten-free oats. All seem to have brown rice syrup as the main sweetener and organic puffed rice for texture.

Since there were so many, I didn't photograph every bar that I tried, but I did take pics of many of them. My very fave was actually one I expected to like the least! It was the Apples + Walnuts bar. I just loved the crunchy walnut pieces and slightly tart apples together. I usually favor nut butter or chocolate bars over fruity ones. But not this time!

I failed to photograph the Granola + Coconut bar, but it was my second-fave, mostly because there were crunchy pieces of granola mixed in! It tasted like cereal!

Of course, I loved the Peanut Butter bar. It was chewier than some of the others, and there were little peanutty chunks. Great pre-yoga snack.

The Sunflower Butter + Chocolate bar was probably the most firm, chewy bar of the bunch. While I tended to favor the softer bars, I really loved the combo of nutty sunflower seed butter with melty chocolate (it was melty because I ate it in the very hot car on the way to the gym).

Cherries + Berries was another yummy fruit flavor. The cherries were really sweet, which was a nice complement to the tart cranberries in the bar. Plus, there were dates. Love me some dates. Just look at all the dried fruit in this bar!

Cashew Caramel was super-chewy. The cashew flavor was a bit overpowered by the caramel flavor. But it was still delicious. Maybe my least fave of the bunch, but that's not to be taken negatively because these bars are so amazing that they're all delicious.

I actually enjoyed the Sesame Butter + Dates at Bonnaroo. It got a little smashed in my bag, but it was still fantastic. Lots of whole sesame seeds and big chunks of dates. Can't go wrong there!

Other flavors not pictured — Cashew Butter (loved the light sweetness in this one), Banana + Almond Butter (very nice banana flavor!), Almond Butter + Carob (carob gave it a sort of coffee-like flavor), and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (classic combo, absolutely amazing).

These bars have been perfect for powering my morning workouts. I still have some left since they sent two of every flavor, but when I run out, I won't hesitate to buy more at Whole Foods — even if I do have a bar stash at home.


Amey said...

whoa! what an epic array of samples. How awesome to get to try them all. I've never tried a gomacro bar, I'll keep an eye out for them. Like you said, I have quite an impressive selection of bars already in my cupboard... from samples and snack boxes and such. They almost have merits of some sort or another!

Jenny said...

I picked one of these up at Whole Foods based on your review and WOW, you are absolutely right, they are amazing! Well, the oatmeal one I had was fantastic and I'll treat myself to another once in a while. Thanks so much for doing us the service of testing! :-)