Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chocolate Coconut Chips!

It wasn't long ago that I discovered coconut chips. My dad had ordered me a surprise care package from Vegan Essentials — each item hand-selected by him —and, in it, he included a bag of Dang Coconut Chips. One bite and I was hooked. My dad ordered some for himself too, and he was hooked.

Coconut chips are crunchy and coconutty and buttery. Yum! Soon after discovering Dang, I came across a package of Bare Sweet 'n' Heat Coconut Chips at Whole Foods. I bought bags for me and my dad. They were sort of sriracha-flavored, kind of a sweet and hot peppery flavor. Those quickly became my favorite.

And then about a month ago, Bare emailed me about sampling and reviewing their new Chocolate Bliss Coconut Chips. Well, of course I would! On their own, these are only slightly sweet with notes of dark chocolate. They're not chocolate-dipped but rather the chocolate is baked into them. My favorite way to eat any coconut chips is over yogurt. So that's how I tried these.

This is So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Yogurt with Bare Chocolate Bliss Coconut Chips, Meet Your Maca Superseeds, and Blueberries.

Admittedly, they look more like coconut bacon than chocolate coconut, but they definitely tasted like cocoa. These coconut chips added a nice crunch and rich buttery flavor to my parfait. Since I had chocolate yogurt too, the chocolate flavor of the chips was a little lost. But I tried them the next day on vanilla coconut yogurt, and the cocoa flavor in the chips really popped.

These would be awesome mixed into a homemade trail mix or maybe sprinkled over ice cream. But they're also just delicious straight out of the bag.

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Nicollette Dailey said...

I just happened upon the Bare chocolate bliss chips at a gas station.... and then I proceeded to eat the entire bag in the car. .. but I didn't even feel guilty about it because of the reasonable calorie count. These chips are perfection!