Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memphis Vegan Drinks: Patio Edition

We started our Memphis Vegan Drinks chapter in July of last year at Chiwawa, a vegan-friendly gourmet hot dog and taco shop in Overton Square. In the 10 months we've been holding these after-work cocktail gatherings, we've only repeated one bar — Evelyn & Olive (and that was because we had a low turnout one month, so we had a do-over). But though we're still a few months shy of a year, I figured the wonderful spring weather warranted a second Vegan Drinks visit to the Chiwawa patio.

About 11 people gathered on the sunny patio. You can't see Nathan in this pic because he was taking it, and I think Cassi's kid is hiding.

I started with a Grapefruit Margarita, a sweet 'n' sour marg with a bitter grapefruit kick.

And before happy hour ($1 off cocktails, beer, and wine) ended at 6 p.m., I also ordered a Sangria. Nothing beats a chilled sangria on a warm afternoon.

Cassi (of Pretty In Pink Vegan) had the Prickly Pear Margarita, which had a sweet, almost floral taste with a tart bite. And it was pink, which means Cassi liked it.

Others ordered margaritas and beer, which looked similar to our drinks. So I didn't snap any more cocktail shots.

Chiwawa typically fries their chips in animal fat, BUT if you call ahead and let them know you're vegan, they'll make you chips fried in veggie oil. So we let them know in advance. I had Chips and Salsa.

And Pam had Chips and Guacamole. They make the BEST guac!

For my entree, of course I had to go with my namesake hot dog, the Bianca Dog. Yes, they named their vegan hot dog after me! Such an honor. Plus, I get to tell people to eat my wiener.

Anyway, it's a spicy vegan brat topped with black bean hummus and spicy slaw. It's typically served on a pretzel bun, but they're in between bakeries, so tonight, it was served on a white bun. Not as awesome as the pretzel bun. But still very good.

Cassi ordered a trio of tacos. Since today was Taco Tuesday, you can get three tacos for $9. This is the Chubby Vegetarian Taco (fried avocado, named for my friend/co-worker/fellow cookbook author Justin's blog) and the Aftershroom Delight Taco (mushroom, charred corn relish, refried beans).

Most everyone else had tacos so I that's all for pictures. But we had a lovely time, and we met a few new faces tonight. Vegan Drinks is so much fun!


vegan.in.brighton said...

This looks like such a great event, I wanna be drinking cocktails on a patio!

Sheridan said...

"Plus, I get to tell people to eat my wiener." Hardy har har! Absolute brilliance.

Annnnd, everything looks tasty! Wish I could be there for a Vegan Drinks meetup sometime!!

Dana said...

That looks REALLY tasty!