Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sneak Peek Into the Vegan Cuts March Snack Box!

I've been chosen to help "curate" the March Vegan Cuts Snack Box! That means I've got the inside scoop on what surprises you'll get if you order this grab-bag of vegan goodness this month. Vegan Cuts sent me a list of the March gifts, and I was asked to choose my favorite three as "Vegan Crunk picks."

The companies that make the three products I chose sent me samples last week to try out and share with y'all. In case you're not familiar, Vegan Cuts offers monthly subscriptions to snack boxes and beauty boxes filled with totally vegan, all-natural products. The March snack box will have way more than three items, but here are my faves.

1) OHCO Coconut Minis!

Remember Mounds bars? Yep, these are just like those! But they're better because they're vegan and made with dark chocolate. And they're not loaded with nasty additives and crap. Instead, they're hand-crafted and organic. Oh, and they taste better than Mounds too.

2) Oogave Loca Natural Soda!

Here's a little-known fact about me: I used to be addicted to coke. Ha! Not the illegal kind! No, I was totally addicted to sugary sodas all throughout childhood, college, and part of my adult life. I finally broke the habit after reading Skinny Bitch a few years back. But when I discovered stevia-sweetened colas, I could finally feel good about my little dark secret. These "diet" sodas are only 10 calories, and they're sweetened with agave and stevia. I loved the root beer best, but that ginger ale would be perfect for spiking with my other bad habit — vodka!

3) R.W. Garcia Tortados!

Are they tortilla chips? Are they potato chips? They're both! These crunchy little hybrids combine the best qualities of both chips into one! These chips are light and crispy, thanks to the red potatoes. And they're hearty and wholesome, thanks to the corn. And they come in the best flavor of all time — salt & vinegar.

There you have it! An inside look into a few goodies that you'll find in your March Vegan Cuts snack box. The box is $19.95, and it ships out on March 24th. If you want one, follow this link and I'll make a little commission since I'm a Vegan Cuts Ambassador. Just FYI: Vegan Cuts is the only company I run ads for on my blog and for good reason. It's an awesome small company run by a handful of my vegan friends. They offer discounted vegan goodies on their site (think Groupon for vegans), which I think is amazing activism to spread the good vegan word.


Sarah said...

Thanks for this fun sneak peak! Looks like you did a great job choosing fun products for the box, Im intrigued by all three of them. I'm definitely checking out that soda to see what flavors they have. Sometimes you just need a fizzy drink, but no thanks to the chemicals, colors and sugar. The chips sound so interesting too.

Lynsi said...

Salt'n'vins! You have exquisite taste in chips.