Monday, October 2, 2023

Tofu Masala, Tofu Burgers, and More Tofu

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump when he names the many ways you can eat shrimp? Well, the same can be said for tofu. There are three ways in this post! One was this delicious Fiery Tofu Masala dish from the Complement website.

Complement is supplement company associated with No Meat Athlete, and I subscribe to their daily vegan B12/omega-3/DHA pills, daily greens powder, prebiotic powder, and protein powder. I get all their marketing emails and actually read them because it's a company I know and love. Sometimes they include links to recipes on their website, as was the case with this one. You can find the recipe here, but it's a super simple Indian-spiced tofu dish with a coconut-tomato sauce. One thing though: The sauce seemed to see thin to me, so I added a bit of cornstarch to the recipe, and it was perfect.

Speaking of recipes on websites, I subscribed to the Washington Post's Voraciously: Plant-Powered newsletter a while back, and there were so many great recipes! I bookmarked this one for Stir-fried Curry Rice Cakes and finally made it last week. The rice cakes are the chewy Korean-style cakes (not crunchy snack kind!). I love, love, love Korean rice cakes! The recipe didn't call for tofu, but I added some for protein. This also has bok choy, green beans, and red curry paste. You can find that recipe here, but I'd recommend subscribing to the free newsletter. No subscription to WaPo required.

Lulu's Bakery & Cafe offered these Tofu-Mushroom Burgers on special last week. They really nailed the texture! Often, homemade veggie burgers are too soft and squishy, but this was just right. Served on a made-in-house sourdough bun with Lulu's fermented pickles, cashew cheese, and a special sauce.

Here's something that's not tofu. I ordered a Back to the Roots oyster mushroom kit. Look at my harvest! I stir-fried these on their own with a little Maggi seasoning, garlic salt, and avocado oil. That's it. I wanted them to shine on their own. And they did!

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Jenny said...

This is my kind of post- tofu, tofu and more tofu! Everything looks delicious, EXCEPT FOR THE MUSHROOMS, ha ha... yes, I'm that sad vegan who doesn't like mushrooms. I absolutely love curry though so I'm bookmarking the first two recipes.