Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cucumber Sando, Asparagus Soup, & Elote Fries

I try to hit up my friends' bakery, Lulu's, most Fridays for lunch. The specials change from week to week, but my favorite recent special was this Cucumber and Cashew Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwich. Most all of the produce served at Lulu's is local and in-season, and these cucumbers were no exception. They were lightly pickled, and there was lots of fresh dill and Lulu's homemade cashew cream cheese. The sourdough bagels are also baked in-house.

On the side, I ordered the Cream of Asparagus Soup with homemade croutons. Also very good!

On Cinco de Mayo weekend, Shroomlicious offered a special of Mushroom Street Tacos for $2 each, so I got three. These were excellent. The mushrooms were heavily seasoned, and all of the flavors paired perfectly.

But the real highlight of that meal was these Elote Fries, also on special. WOW!!! Corn, cilantro, and a vegan parmesan aioli topped this massive bowl of fries. It was so deep and heavy that I ended up only eating half and saving the rest for later. I hope they add this one to the regular menu!


Gina said...

All looks very delish, but, for me, especially those tacos and those elote

Also--some time back, you mentioned a cookbook entitled "Vegan Asian", by Jeeca Uy, which I then ordered and want to say that it has quickly become a go-to fav in my cookbook collection (p. 70. Spicy Thai Basil Tofu, aka Pad Krapow, is on bi-weekly repeat...). Thanks for letting us know about this fab little cookbook.

Bianca said...

Awwww, that's awesome Gina! It's a good one!