Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Goddess Box!

It's time for my monthly post unpacking my Goddess Provisions Box. In case you don't know, Goddess Provisions is a subscription box run by the same couple — Jill and John — who run Vegan Cuts. For $33 a month, I get an awesome box loaded with crystals, chocolate, candles, teas, essential oils, and other fun stuff!

The March box arrived earlier than I expected. I'm usually obsessing over the package tracking feature on the day I know the box is due. But this one just popped up at my office last week! This box is dedicated to "self-awakening," so there's a big focus on the crown chakra (our seat of cosmic consciousness).

There's gratitude journal by Your Joyologist, aromatherapy patches by Purple Frog Patches, Omega Munch chocolates by Nicobella Organics, a lapis lazuli talisman by Chakra Love, and a house blessing kit by House of Good Juju.

The crystals are always my fave, and I've been wanting a lapis lazuli — a crown chakra stone for communication, inner power, and intuition — for some time. I love that this comes on a necklace so I can wear it everywhere.

The house blessing kit so cool!! It's loaded with all kinds of herbs (mugwort, juniper, frankincense, cedar, and more) and a couple crystals (black tourmaline and clear quartz) to rid your living space of negative energy, and the kit even comes with a little spell. I can't wait to use this, but I want to clean my house first. I've been so busy lately that I've not had time to dust or mop. Yuck.

I love that Goddess Provisions boxes typically come with something edible. This month, that was a mouth-watering Omega Munch mix of candied walnuts and toasted flax clusters coated in dark chocolate. I've been snacking on these at my desk. They're decadent and healthy at the same time!

The Air Awakening aromatherapy patches are really neat! There are 12 little patches in a pack, and they're stuffed with bubbles of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon essential oils. You stick 'em wherever you need a pick-me-up (the car, shower, desk) and then pop the bubble, allowing the oil to diffuse through the soft surface. 

I immediately stuck one on my steering wheel, so it's right near my nose. After a couple days, the diffusing dissipates, but you can still stick your finger on it and it transfers the oil. 

Finally, I'm loving the gratitude journal! I used to keep a daily list of things I'm thankful for in a gratitude app for iPhone, but honestly, my interest in most apps wanes quickly. It's much more exciting to write things down on paper.

If you're interested in subscribing to Goddess Provisions, here's the link!

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Susan said...

I love the sound of the aromatherapy patches, what a great idea.