Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tofu Scramble: The Remix

I've had my fair share of tofu scrambles, and though they typically all have a unique taste, the concept is the same. Crumble a block of tofu into a skillet with veggies, saute until heated through, season, eat.

But like most of Jenn "Shaggy" Shagrin's recipes in Veganize This!, her Vegan Scrambled Eggs are totally off the beaten path:

These actually have more of a scrambled eggy texture than plain ole crumbled tofu. Rather than crumble firm tofu directly into a pan, Jenn's recipe calls for processing firm tofu with silk tofu and some spices much like if you were making a vegan omelet. Black salt and Jenn's homemade egg mix (a mixture of finely ground nuts, nutritional yeast, and toasted sesame seeds) give the scramble an authentic flavor.

The processed tofu mixture is poured into a pan with veggies or other add-ins (I used carrots, spinach, and onion), and then you just wait for it to firm up and brown on one side like a tofu omelet. But instead of flipping, you mix the stuff all up to achieve a scrambled texture. So different and so tasty. I enjoyed my "eggs" this morning with a slice of whole grain toast spread with Megan's homemade blueberry preserves (from a care package she sent me last year).

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What's in your ideal tofu scramble?


vegan.in.brighton said...

I love a good tofu scramble, I often use the vegan mom recipe from the vegan dad blog if I'm trying to get close to scrambled eggs & I always, always, add black salt.

foodfeud said...

I've never used black salt...but I hear it does amazing things. Also, I've looked through her book and she is one talented lady (and funny!).
I like your addition of carrots - my perfect tofu scramble would have spinach, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes...For today.

Steph - VegFortWorth said...

I like my scrambles with LOTS of nutritional yeast and salt (black or otherwise) and pepper. I also like them on the drier side. Any combo of veggies is fine, but olives, zucchini and tomatoes are extra great!

Ricki said...

One of my favorite tofu scrambles involves curry paste and a whack of veggies. And you are so funny--"off the BEATEN path"--scrambled "eggs"--hee hee! ;)

Kristine said...
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LittleSpoon said...

Okay I seriously need to get my butt to the store and pick that book up. YUM!!

I do love me some good tofu-scram!

My favourite thing to eat it with? A snoring cat at my feet, a big cup of coffee, and sriracha!!



Debra said...

This looks good- I am not a tofu scramble person myself- but I do make great tofu scrambles for my family. I will have to give this a try.
Blessings, Debra
Raw Vegan Diet

Leslie R. said...

I really love Sarah Kramer's scramble recipes the most!

Rose said...

I love Jenn's recipes too. I just got my hands on some black salt; I'll be looking up this recipe and giving it a try.

Kelsey said...


VeggieLow said...

hey bianca, great post! i am going to try the scrambled eggs recipe, but am kinda confused about the tofu ingredients. it says one pack of silken and one pack of soft silken. i know soft silken is probably vacuum-sealed mori nu, but is the "regular" silken tofu the liquidy stuff that is refrigerated? any words of wisdom about which you tried would be appreciated :)

oh and about the black salt...my fave place to order black salt (and spices in general) is myspicesage.com :)

Jakethy said...

We just finished a version that we slipped some kale into, but my tiny plastic co-writers and I are curious to try your sesame seed idea. Thanks for some great tips!

Sara MM said...

I've been looking for a new way to prepare tofu & this is a great idea! Definitely trying this x