Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Apple (and Some Spinach) a Day...

I didn't cook anything fabulous today — frozen flax seed waffles for breakfast, leftover burrito for lunch, and a salad for dinner. So I thought it'd be a nice day to post a picture of my daily juice. This morning, it was Apple Spinach Juice:

I threw one organic apple and a handful of spinach into my trusty Jack Lalanne juicer and voila! Fresh, tasty juice! I generally make fresh juice every morning to drink with my breakfast, unless the breakfast includes a lot of whole fruits (like when I have cereal or soy yogurt with fresh fruit).

On most days, juicing allows me to get in much of my fruit group. I've wasn't a big fan of fruit until I started juicing. Now I love it. Some days, I make orange-grapefuit. Others it's just plain ole' orange or carrot-apple-ginger. I'm a big fan of grapefruit-watermelon in the summer time when watermelons are everywhere down here. I also really dig fresh tomato or veggie juice in the summer when tomatoes are ripe and tasty.

I've just started incorporating more greens in my morning juice. I worry that I don't eat enough leafy greens, even though I totally love them. Apple-spinach is pretty darn tasty. The spinach doesn't have much taste, so it's most like fresh apple juice.

On a completely different note, I got a surprise in the mail today! It's my copy of "Papa Tofu," a cute little vegan cookzine by
Kittee Kake from New Orleans.

I can't wait to try the Chickpea "Fish" in Spicy Wine Gravy and the Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu Pockets! I'm also excited that an entire half of the book is dedicated to sweets!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I had waffles for brekkie today too! Vegan twins :o). And that's such a cute little cookbook. Papa Tofu hehe. Speaking of which, MY papa ate tofu tonight!

Anonymous said...

O my god Papa Tofu!!!
I have to get a copy of that, I almost died last year when I tried to order it & they were out, I love Kitee!

Urban Vegan said...

Once I get back from Mexico, I'm ordering my juicer--can't wait!

Isn't Kittee?

Jennifer said...

Mmmm. Fresh squeezed juice is the best! I have a juicer that I hardly ever use. It was a cheap (but much appreciated) gift a few years back and it's a HUGE pain in the ass to clean. This is making me want to get it out though.

Not a big fan of fruit!?!?!?!?!? Wow! I'm a fruitaholic, it's pretty sad how much money we spend on fresh organic fruit for this vegan, who when it comes to fruit, is a garbage disposal. :-)

Sometimes a day of simple meals is the best!

I can't wait to see what you come up with from using Papa Tofu!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to make the same sort of rule: when I'm out, white flour is okay if there's no alternative. There, now I don't feel so bad!

You're not nosey at all. I got laid off on Friday. I wrote about it on Sunday, but I followed it up with another post so it was easily missed. They gave me four week's severance, but I'm still trying to hustle to find a new job ASAP.

The blueberry brownies are SO good! I somehow managed to underbake them a little, so they sank in the middle as they cooled and don't really stay together as 'brownies' (I need a fork to eat them). But that hasn't stopped me from enjoying them!

I really want to buy a juicer, I LOVE juice. And, like you, I sometimes wonder if I'm getting enough leafy greens. I have no worries about fruit, as I eat fruit constantly! You like your Jack Lalanne? I've heard good and bad things - is it easy to clean?

Kittee said...

so glad you got the zine and so sorry it came late. thanks for posting about it on your blog, i can't wait to see what you make first.