Thursday, June 20, 2019

Camping Food from Bonnaroo 2019

Last night, I posted about all the amazing vegan festival foods that I purchased at Bonnaroo Music Fest last weekend. Bonnaroo has long been a super-vegan friendly music fest, but as with all festivals, the food can be a little pricy. So I can't afford to eat every meal for 4 days from the vendors.

Every year, I bring lots of easy-to-prepare meals for breakfast and lunch at the campsite, and then I usually have my dinner out on the festival grounds (Centeroo). I have a camp stove (thanks dad!) to boil water (from a bottle), but I have no way to wash dishes there. I can't cook real meals without water for washing, so thank goodness for oat and soup cups!

Before I get into the food though, here's a picture of Paul and I at our campsite this year. This was our home for four days and three nights.

For the past 3-4 years, we've lucked into getting the exact same campsite right next to the Port-a-Potties, which sounds smelly but it's not so bad. And it's really convenient when you have to pee in the middle of the night (some campers have a half-mile walk to the potties!).

Most days, breakfasts are oat cups! This year, I brought oats from Trader Joe's with Justin's nut butter packets to round them out as meals. Check out our Obama tapestry that we hang on our shade tent every year! Miss that guy!!

This year, I brought some Kitchens of India boil-in-the-bag meals for lunches, as well as some already cooked basmati rice (from a bag). The Indian meals come in a silver bag that goes directly into a pot of boiling water. As for the rice, it's supposed to be microwaved to heat, but I just didn't heat it. And that was fine with the hot curry on top!

Sadly, I spilled half of this Potato & Pea Curry on my pants!

Paul said this Kidney Bean Curry looked like poop, but it tasted really good.

We always bring lots of instant ramen cups for snacks and breakfasts. I had this Toasted Garlic Brown Rice Pho as a late-night snack before catching The Lonely Island's show Saturday night.

Paul found these Nissin Very Veggie Cup O Noodles at Walmart and brought a bunch for us both. They're vegan and so goooood! They're loaded with dried edamame, carrots, and greens that rehydrate with boiling water.

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Sarah said...

Oooh the camping food looks good and definitely easy and quick. The oats with Justin's nut butters are a perfect choice. I didn't realize that cup o noodles had a vegan option! Good to know!