Thursday, January 3, 2019

Vegan Junk Food Cookbook, Expanded Edition

I think you all probably know by now that I'm a self-professed junk food vegan, but I'm always on a mission to become a whole foods vegan. It's a constant struggle. The thing is, I love Chinese takeout, potato chips, ice cream, and pizza more than just about anything else in the world. But then I feel kinda gassy and low-energy after I eat too much of those things. So this year, I'm on a mission to find some real balance. I want to eat whole foods, plant-based 90% of the time with about 10% devoted to treats.

Books like Vegan Junk Food: Expanded Edition by Lane Gold can help me with that. I also own the original version of this. But this new edition has more recipes (200+!) for veganized versions of your favorite junk foods. Not everything is healthicized though, so you'll still find ingredients like vegan cheese, plant meats, and plenty of oil. And that's okay with me for sometimes foods. But this book also has some healthier versions of traditional non-vegan dishes too.

I tried the Sloppy Joes, made with lentils, carrot, and a tangy homemade sauce. This is the kind of whole foods-based dish that makes me feel good and fulfills a craving for indulgent foods.

I also tried the Baked Curried Sweet Potato Fries. These thinly sliced sweet potatoes are coated with a little oil (I cut the amount called for — 1 Tbsp — in half), curry powder, and coriander. They're baked until crisp. Simple and delicious. And not fried, for which my body thanks me. I love fried foods, but my digestion does not.

You'll find other healthy dishes like Tofu Eggplant Tikka Masala or the Sesame Tempeh Sandwich. But there are also plenty of more decadent treats like Baked Onion Dip (with vegan mayo, vegan cream cheese, and vegan mozz), Beer Brat-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (vegan brats! stuffed into mushrooms! amazing!), and fried Jalapeno Bacon Poppers (with vegan cream cheese).

The dessert chapters are equally impressive with Oreo Truffles, Peach Schnapps Cobbler, Potato Chip Cookies, and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

Whether you're aiming to eat healthier or just looking to get meat out of your life, you'll find something in this book!


vegan peace said...

My digestion doesn't like fried food either. It's fine because I never eat out and I'm terrified of frying at home! Ha!
I love lentil sloppy Joe's!

Sarah said...

I also have a hard time with fried food as I get older and like Hillary, I'm terrified of frying at home! I do love vegan junk food though but I do need to stop eating it. That said, this book looks amazing and I think that moderation is definitely key!

Unknown said...

I thought i was a weirdo because my tummy **hates** me when i eat anything fried! That book sounds fantastic, I rarely make vegan junk food at home but could definitely go for those sloppy joes!

Jennifer said...

I love when things have that nice balance of junk food and healthy. I think that's why I love any baked cauliflower dish that is COVERED IN SAUCE! Or like any chinese dish with noodles, lots of sodium, but tons of veggies. XD

Jennifer Bliss said...

I need this book in my life! It's officially on my WISH LIST now :)

Susan said...

I am all about balance!
I have the original edition on my Kindle because it was on super sale at some point, but because it is on my kindle I almost never remember that I have it. I need to try some stuff from it!