Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Vegan Cuts Coffee Box!

Y'all, I'm a mess today. I'm sure most of you are too. For years, I've wanted to call Hillary Clinton my president (I supported her in the primary when she ran against Obama back in '08), and I really believed we were about to shatter that glass ceiling last night. Never in a million years did I imagine that despicable man actually stood a chance at winning. Like much of the country, I was shocked. And now I am broken. But I'm gearing up for a fight, because we as women have come too far to back down now.

I'd already planned to write a review of my Vegan Cuts Vegan Coffee Box tonight, so I'm going to trudge forward and do just that. If nothing else, writing this post and thinking about coffee will serve as a welcome distraction from reality. So anyway, I ordered the Vegan Coffee Box from Vegan Cuts a few weeks back after seeing it featured in their email newsletter. It arrived last week, and opening it was so exciting!

I love it when Vegan Cuts does these special themed boxes, and I love coffee. So I pretty much had to have this. Here's a list of everything inside the box:
  • #WhatVegansDrink Special Edition Coffee Mug
  • Brewing Good Coffee Company Honduras Marcala Whole Bean Coffee - 4 oz.
  • Nutpods Unsweetened Nature’s Dairy Free Creamer - 11.2 fl oz
  • Laughing Giraffe Coffee Bean Snakaroons - 6 oz
  • STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter - 8 oz
  • Soylent Coffiest Drink - 14 oz
  • Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Powder Smooth Marley Coffee - 26 g
  • Rebel Kitchen Coffee Mylk - 11 fl oz
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps - .14 oz
  • Vitaperk 15 Vitamin & Mineral Coffee Boost - .1 oz
  • Kutoa Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar - 48 g
  • Javazen Organic Ground Coffee with Matcha Tea and Cacao Brew Bag - 10 g
I was probably most excited about the STEEM caffeinated peanut butter. Because if there's one thing I love as much as caffeine, it's PB. I tried some (with maple syrup) in my pre-long run oats on Saturday morning for an extra boost.

After that 20-mile run, I had the Coffiest Soylent — a meal replacement drink with 20 grams of protein. I'd been wanting to try Soylent for awhile, and I really loved it. It was a thick creamy milk that actually filled me up for about two hours after that run. I had lunch plans at the Ethiopian buffet, so I wanted something filling that wouldn't stick with me too long.

How cute is this mug? I love that it has booch on it. Seen here with a cup of the Brewing Good Coffee Company coffee. They give a portion of their proceeds to animal charities!

The Kutoa Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar made a great pre-run snack yesterday before my 8-miler. It was a chewy, chocolatey bar with chunks of espresso bean and chia and flax.

This morning, I tried the Vita Perk (a vitamin powder with 15 vitamins and minerals) in my coffee. It's flavorless and a nice way to get your vitamins.

The Javazen ground coffee and matcha brew bag was interesting! It also had cacao. You just plop the bag in hot water and brew coffee in the same way you'd brew tea. It was good, but it was a little thinner and more tea-like than a regular cup of coffee.

The Laughing Giraffe Coffee Bean Snakaroons are coconut macaroons flecked with chocolate-covered coffee beans! They literally melt in your mouth, thanks to coconut oil.

That's all I've tried so far. Waiting to open the Nutpods creamer after I use the Silk creamer stuff I already have in my fridge, and I'll probably have the mushroom coffee in the morning! I'll also likely be making some coffee protein smoothies soon with the Marley Coffee Protein Powder. I've purchased that powder before at Whole Foods and love it.


foodfeud said...

I was never the biggest Hillary fan but Trump is a disgusting, evil human. I am surprised with the outcome and scared for women, for immigrants, for the earth and for the future. Stay strong.
As for the coffee post, everything looks like a lot of fun, as all the Vegan Cuts boxes are. I did consider getting this box, but in the end, saving $$ won out.

Unknown said...

I'm shocked, flabbergasted, and ultimately beyond disappointed that there are so many americans that support That Man.

What a fantastic box!! I looovveee coffee, everything looks fantastic! Please do post about the coffee creamer, i'm not loyal to any brand and feel like i still haven't found The One. Glad that the coffee soylent was good- i tried the original and it was nice and creamy but like drinking chalk, zero flavor of any kind. Hoping i see those retail soon, in the meantime i quite like the vegan orgain vanilla as a protein smoothie when i can't make my own.

Susan said...