Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fun with Summer Produce!

Last week, I was scrolling through the latest post on That Was Vegan? by my blogger bud Barb when I ran across a picture and recipe link for her Hummus & Veggie Melts. It was a simple meal with English muffins, hummus, vegan cheese, and fresh veggies. I happened to have almost all of those things in my fridge and pantry! I was just missing the fresh veggies.

But then I went to the Memphis Farmers Market on Saturday morning and stocked up on fresh, juicy red and yellow summer tomatoes, yellow squash, and green bell peppers. I was all set!

So of course, I came straight home from the market and made Barb's yummy melts. I sauteed some squash and bell peppers, and then toward the end of cooking, I added chopped yellow tomatoes. I topped the muffins with Geek Eats chipotle hummus (local hummus from Little Rock!), Field Roast Tomato-Cayenne Chao cheese, and the fresh veggies. Be sure and check out Barb's recipe for instructions. It's such a yummy and simple lunch.

Tomatoes are just so awesome right now, and I'll be super sad when summer ends and the tomatoes are all gone. I dread nothing more than the cold, sad, tomato-less winter. I'm trying to get in as many tomatoes as possible while I still can! And the very best way to enjoy summer tomatoes is on a classic Tomato Mayo Sandwich.

This is super simple, and it really brings out the ripe, tangy flavor of fresh tomatoes. All you need is tomatoes, mayo, and white bread. It MUST be white! No multigrain or whole wheat for a proper tomato sandwich. I used gluten-free BFree Soft White Sandwich Bread, which I toasted in the toaster. Then I spread a thick layer of Just Mayo Light and added two slices of yellow tomato. Perfection.

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Jennifer said...

Tomato season is bittersweet! I am part of a CSA so we get a ton of organic tomatoes (16lbs this week- $64 worth if I went to the grocery store) and some are starting to go bad and I just physically can't eat them fast enough. Like can't the hold out for another day? Just one! XD

Barb's blog is driving me nuts. I see all her yummy recipes with vegan cheese, but I keep not picking any up. Maybe I should and just have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.. but I know I should be making a dish that'll use several pounds of tomatoes rather than one. XD