Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vegan Dog Treats!

Most of my product review posts are about people food. But this one is for the dogs. Barkworthies sent me a package of their all-natural sweet potato chips to try out on my two pups. Of course, they were happy to oblige.

These crunchy treats have one single ingredient — sweet potatoes. That's it. No added sugar, no grain or gluten or animal protein, no preservatives. Just dehydrated sweet potato. I've given my dogs sweet potato treats before, but I'll admit they probably weren't the highest quality. I remember one brand in particular that a lot of extra ingredients. But these are pure and simple.

The treats look like potato chips, and they crunch like them too. My dogs LOVE chips, so I sneak them a chip or two every now and then. And these sweet potato treats have that same crunch when they bite into them.

I put them to the test earlier this week with Datsun, my 13-year-old mutt. 

And with Maynard, my 4-year-old pit bull.

As you can see, both dogs were excited to try them. Truth be told, they're excited to eat anything. These dogs even beg for lettuce. 

But both pups seemed quite pleased with these treats! Datsun could barely contain his excitement the next I offered him one. I couldn't even get an in-focus shot because he was trying to lunge at my hand.

And Maynard has taken to eating these on the couch. He'll grab it from my hand, carry it to the couch, and eat it there. Weirdo.

Barkworthies Sweet Potato Treats were a huge hit with my dogs! I checked out the retail locator on their website, and it looks like one Memphis store (some place called Memfish) and one North Mississippi store (MS is just right down the road from Memphis) carry them. I'd definitely buy them.


Anonymous said...

Do you feed your dogs strictly vegan?

vegan peace said...

Your puppies are adorable! I've always heard that dogs love pumpkin and sweet potato.

Bianca said...

Hi Anonymous. I do not. We've tried vegan dog food, and they like it. But one dog — Datsun — has a skin condition, and he seems to do better on one certain brand of dog food that, unfortunately, isn't vegan. That said, I do wish the vegan food would help his skin more because I'd rather have them on vegan diets. I don't support vegan diets for cats, but dogs can thrive on them. I think Datsun may have a bit of a grain intolerance, and the vegan dog foods tend to be grain-heavy.