Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I wake up at the crack of dawn every day to workout. Some days, I run. Those are my fave. Other days, I do yoga or HIIT training at home. And every once in a while, I make it to the gym for a 6:15 a.m. class (totally hitting up the PiYo class this Thursday!). But I'm a morning eater, and I can't work out without a snack.

But since I have real breakfast after my workouts, I like to keep the snacks light. On running days, I opt for a 100- to 120-calorie raw fruit & nut bar or naturally-sweetened granola bar. The simple sugars are great running fuel. But on non-running days, when I know I won't need quite as much fuel, I like even lighter snacks. 

A few weeks ago, Nutiva sent me these O'Coconut treats to sample, and at only 60 calories each, these are perfect for yoga days or days when I'm doing simple calisthenics.

These lightly sweetened coconut treats are individually wrapped, making them excellent for travel. And they come in two flavors — Classic and Hemp & Chia.

Here's a shot of the Hemp & Chia. They're just little tiny balls, and these are flecked with hemp and chia seeds.

The ingredient list is short — tapioca syrup, fair trade coconut and coconut flour, hemp, chia, monk fruit (for sweetness), and a couple natural flavors. The texture reminds me of a Mounds bar without the chocolate. In fact, these would be AMAZING dipped in chocolate. Nutiva should look into doing that! But even without the chocolate, I'd recommend these coconut balls for light snacks, either in the afternoon to stave off hunger or before workouts.


foodfeud said...

i love these little things! they're pretty filling for their size.

Jennifer said...

I love snagging these when I am at whole foods as a quick little snack.