Thursday, October 15, 2015

New So Delicious Berry Ice Creams!

So Delicious has two new flavors of coconut milk ice cream! They're both berry flavors, and even as the leaves began to change and the air becomes crisp, these immediately take me back to summer — my favorite season. Why does it have to end????

But anyway, So Delicious sent me their new Oregon Mixed Berry and their Simply Strawberry coconut milk ice creams.

And just for fun, so I could make ice cream sundaes, they also included their regular and light CocoWhip. I've reviewed this stuff before, but it's basically the best thing ever. Vegan Cool Whip, folks. This is the stuff you eat with a spoon in front of your computer while binging on Netflix. No shame. I can't tell a difference in taste or texture between the light and the regular, but the light does have slightly lower calories and fat. But honestly, both are pretty low-cal with only 25 to 30 calories for two tablespoons.

I tried the Oregon Mixed Berry coconut milk ice cream first with a dollop of CocoWhip and an all-natural, non-GMO Cherry Man maraschino cherry.

So Delicious is an Oregon-based company, so they're using berries from their home state. The ice cream contains a little blueberry and raspberry, but the real star of this dessert is the marionberry, a special breed of blackberry that grows in Oregon. (Funny side note: When I read or say "marionberry," I can't help but think of the former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Berry). The marionberry is so tart and tangy and sweet, lending this ice cream a very berry flavor. I love everything about this ice cream. The coconut milk doesn't overpower the berries, and it makes for a very creamy base.

Next up, I tried the Simply Strawberry, also topped with CocoWhip.

My ice cream plating could use some work, but I assure you it tasted delicious even if this photo isn't picture-perfect. The berry flavor is much more subtle in the strawberry ice cream. But there are little flecks of real strawberry, and when you get one, that flavor suddenly pops. This stuff is night and day from the artificially flavored strawberry ice cream I grew up eating. This is the real deal, and it tastes like sophisticated, grown-up ice cream. 

Out of the two, the Oregon Mixed Berry was definitely my fave because I love strong flavors. Paul preferred the Simply Strawberry (and he's been sneaking bites from my pint, that jerk!). But they're both delicious, the perfect antidote to the coming fall. Summer FOREVER!


Susan said...

I have seen these in shops here and I got pretty excited, because strawberry is my favourite and I love berries as well. I am a little wary of buying them because the last time I had a coconut So Delicious it was a bit on the edge of the amount of coconut fat that I can tolerate, which is sad because normally I have been fine with their ice creams, but it was the vanilla flavour so hopefully berry flavours will be OK, or they will bring them out in one of their other bases. Strawberry cashew ice cream would be amazing.

vegan peace said...

I could not agree more. Long live summer!

Jennifer Bliss said...

Oh WOW!!! I need to find this!