Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm Teaching a Crunk Class at Whole Foods!

Hey everybody! If you're local and vegan (or vegan-curious), come to my class this Wednesday, October 7th at the Salud Cooking School inside Whole Foods Poplar. I'll be demonstrating a full meal of Southern comfort foods, so attendees will get a full meal — appetizer, soup, entree, side, and dessert.

It's $49. But it's a two-hour class, so we're making a night of it. And did I mention that you get a FULL MEAL? You can register here. Just scroll down to my class, and click on the link to register. Here's a sneak preview of the menu.

We'll be starting the meal with Deviled Tofu Bites —like deviled eggs, but made with tofu so they're totally vegan.

And then we'll move on to Country Potato Soup — a creamy, comforting soup made with potatoes, carrots, celery, and veggie bacon.

For the entree, we have a fun spin on traditional red beans and rice — Red Beans & Quinoa!

And on the side, there's Smoky Stewed Okra & Tomatoes!

And finally, we'll end the meal on a sweet and coconutty note — Pineapple Cream Pie with Toasted Coconut.

It's gonna be fun! Don't miss it!!


Rachel R. said...

I wished I lived closer - Central KY to Memphis is a bit too long of a drive for a weeknight! :)

Unknown said...

I wish I lived closer too!! That looks awesome!!

Jennifer said...

I wish I was closer I would totally go!!!!! Good luck!