Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coconut Dream Yogurt!

Somehow, I get lots of stuff in the mail to review for this blog. I'm not sure how it started, but once you get on a few PR lists, you're in. And the delicious vegan samples just keep flowing, unsolicited. I have everything shipped to my office since I'm there during delivery hours, and often, the products are things that need to be kept cold.

Our receptionist — Martin — likes to tease me about much mail I get. And sometimes, my co-workers are like, hey, why don't you share with us? But I'm kind of a food hoarder, and I've never been good with sharing. Most of the stuff goes home with me. But the folks from Hain Celestial obviously wanted me to share the new Coconut Dream Coconut Non-Dairy Yogurt they sent. The box they sent was stuffed with 10 yogurts (2 of each flavor) and all these sampling spoons, cups, and napkins.

So I decided that I'd be nice and share. We had a little yogurt-tasting party at the office. I sent out a company email and asked everyone to stop by the editorial department and sample yogurts. Some people even took detailed notes on their thoughts from each flavor. Here are the flavors we tried — Plain, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla.

And blueberry! Let's not forget blueberry!

Here's a little background on these new yogurts. They're made from real coconut, and they're vegan, of course. They also contain live and active cultures, as well as calcium. The flavors come from real fruit — nothing artificial. And there are no GMOs.

Here's Toby (news reporter) and Chris (music editor), taking their sampling very seriously.

Here are some thoughts from Toby:
* Blueberry - "The blueberry flavor tasted like real blueberries, not artificial flavorings."
* Vanilla - "The color is dark. Made it look unappealing. But tastes and feels more like dairy yogurt than the others."
* Raspberry - "Raspberry was subtle, almost just a nondescript sweet flavor."

And from Chris:
* Vanilla - "Tastes like real vanilla. Best tasting one so far. Coconut flavor not as present, thick like real yogurt."
* Blueberry - "Tastes like coconut and blueberry blended together. Not overpowering with blueberry. Not too sweet."

And, not pictured, from my editor Susan (who is also a vegetarian):
* Vanilla - "Tastes like pudding. I like it!"
* Strawberry - "Tastes like Strawberry Quik!" (yes, the drink mix)
* Raspberry - "Fruity taste but not necessarily raspberry taste."

Others weighed in too. Most all agreed that the vanilla was the best, thanks to its tiny flecks of vanilla bean (even if Toby did find the natural coloring to be "unappealing"). A few people in the office are already non-dairy yogurt eaters, and they had the most favorable opinion of these. I've been enjoying coconut yogurts for years, and I thought these new Coconut Dream yogurts were on par with other coconut yogurt brands. Some flavors, like the vanilla, are better than the others on the market now.

After the tasting party, I took the rest of the yogurts home, and I've been eating them for breakfast. One day, I had the Vanilla Coconut Dream with Fresh Peaches, Granola, and Maca-Covered Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds.

A similar bowl made with Strawberry Yogurt and blueberries.

I made a parfait one day! Raspberry Yogurt, Blueberries, Granola, and Toasted Coconut Chips!

In the morning, I'll be having my last yogurt — Plain — with granola and lemon preserves. Yum! Really love these yogurts. The texture is thick and creamy like other coconut yogurts, and they're lightly sweetened. I especially love that the fruit in these is all-natural.


Anonymous said...

Yum - the yogurt looks tasty. So does Chris. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog because my husband and I are looking at doing the Thrive cleanse. Loved how you documented your experience with it. Now I want to follow your blog, but I can't find the subscribe button!!! I'm sure I'm missing something obvious - can you help?

Anonymous said...

Shut up forever.

Bianca said...

Hi Second Anonymous! The Thrive cleanse is great, and I highly recommend it! Unfortunately, I don't have a subscribe feature. That goes beyond my technical savvy. :-) But I post daily, so please do come back!

Third Anonymous, hahaha! How rude! ;-)

Amey said...

I received some too - I gotta get to work on my review. I really liked them as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks!!! Loving the blog so far!