Thursday, January 15, 2015

Choosing Raw, Day 14 — Dining Out!

Quick post tonight. I basically had leftovers or repeats of meals on the Choosing Raw Challenge for almost every meal and snack today. It just worked out that way, and it was a good thing because today was a busy, busy day!

It started with an easy run and a Vega One whole beet smoothie, which I shared a pic of on Monday. And then for my morning snack, I had some raw cauliflower with lemon-turmeric dressing for dippin'.

I had my physical therapy session for my hip bursitis at 11 a.m., and it was WAY out east. Lucky for me, the physical therapy place was right down the road from Cosmic Coconut, an all-vegan juice/smoothie bar. And I was done with my session just in time for lunch. Since I'd already had a smoothie for breakfast,  I was craving something solid. I don't get to visit Cosmic Coconut often because it's so far from work and home, and it'd been ages since I'd had their Black Bean & Quinoa Burger.

Since I'm allowing sprouted grain bread on the challenge, and the burger is homemade with whole foods (quinoa! black beans! avocado!), the burger part was totally challenge-friendly! But I'd forgotten their sandwiches come with tortilla chips. And man, I have been CRAVING chips.

While I wouldn't typically allow chips on my diet, who am I to turn down chips when they're on my plate? It's like the universe was telling me I needed to eat those chips. So I did! Definitely hit the spot. And they serve this awesome nut pate for dipping. It tastes like raw queso or something. YUM!

The rest of the day was more of the same, stuff y'all have already seen — sweet 'n' savory trail mix, pumpkin quinoa risotto, salad, and dark chocolate ganache. But I'll be back after the weekend with a whole new set of meals! This will be my last weekend on the challenge, so wish me luck!


Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Once the restaurant is a trusted vegan one, I will dine there; other than that, I prefer to eat at home.

Nice post, Bianca.

belinda1 said...

Ha, ha on the WAY out east! I live in Collierville and everything is far away!