Sunday, June 9, 2013

Father's Day Taco Time!

I'll be at the annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on Father's Day this year, so my parents and I celebrated an early Father's Day today in my hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

I call him Daddy, but y'all probably know him better as Papa Crunk. My Daddy is pretty much a badass. He rides a Harley. He's totally into skulls and being rebellious. And likely much to my Mama's dismay, he made me into a little rebel too. But past all that hard, badass stuff, he's really a big ole softie. He has tons of friends, and he'll do anything for them. He's the kind of guy his friends can call when they need help, and no matter what is wrong, he'll find a way to fix it. He's basically the best dude ever.

So I drove the hour to my parents' house this morning to hang out with the best dude ever. I arrived just in time to find my Mama hard at work in the kitchen preparing vegan and non-vegan tacos. She made meat tacos for my Daddy and Tofu Tacos for she and I (she's not vegan, but she loves tofu!).

Since she was just getting started, she put me to work in the kitchen. I cubed the tofu and marinated it in soy sauce, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, and cayenne. Then I fried the cubes in a skillet. Daddy tried a bite and declared that it was "pretty good." Also on these tacos is cabbage dressed with rice vinegar, tomatoes, jalapenos, Daiya cheese, and Tofutti sour cream.

On the side my Mama made my favorite vegan Pancho's Cheese Dip! If you grew up in the Mid-South, you know about Pancho's cheese dip. Well, my mama made a vegan version, and it tastes amazingly similar.

She also made some fresh guacamole and refried beans.

When we were almost done eating, Daddy remembered that Mama had put a bucket of frozen margaritas in the freezer the night before. Since it was frozen, we'd have to wait awhile for the ice to melt a little to drink them. So instead, we used spoons and had Margarita Snowcones!

A Mexican/hot dog joint in Memphis called Chiwawa serves "adult snowcones" made with tequila and margarita mix, and I have to say that these were just as good.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the whole world ever!


Adi said...

Happy early Father's Day to papa Crunk!
My dad was also the type of man that anyone could talk to and rely on no matter what. I remember he bought food for homeless kids while we were on a road trip to my grandmothers house in Mexico and even bought some food for their dog! He passed away in 2OO8 but I'll definitely remember him as my tough dad with a heart of gold.

Those tacos look very delicious by the way, but for the first time EVER I am stuffed while reading a blog post with food so I'm not too hungry! :)

P.S: Have fun at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival!

foodfeud said...

Sounds like a nice day! Sounds like you have a really understanding family.
Who wouldn't be, though, with tacos like that? Well done.
Big fan of the frozen margarita!

Claire said...

Hooray for Bonnaroo *and* for awesome dads! This made me smile :)

jesse.anne.o said...

That looks awesome!

Also, I sat in on the spirituality session at VVC and I just wanted to thank you for your participation. It was an interesting session and I'm glad they had it and picked the panelists they did!

Hannah said...

Not only does this look like a truly awesome meal, but you've made me miss my own awesome Dad, whom I haven't seen since leaving Australia is August last year. Saaaaadface.

lisastrawberry said...

This is so sweet! And it looks like your mom is quite the veggie cook! YUM. I am trying those tofu tacos soon. What an awesome daddy, too. My daddy is the same way, fixing everything anyone needs him to. Love this post. Been reading for years now, always love your posts.
Lisa Strawberry