Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Veganaversary

Years ago (we're talking 1994), I gave up meat on the day after Thanksgiving. In 2004, I went one step further and gave up cheese and eggs on the day after Thanksgiving. So Thanksgiving is a pretty special day for me. It's Veganaversary Eve, and that's as good an excuse as any to pig out on delicious vegan food as I can think of. Of course, I don't really need an excuse.

Since I have the best Mama and Granny on the planet, I can eat every dish at the Thanksgiving table. They make all the sides vegan and a few of the casseroles have vegan versions (all for me!) and nonvegan versions (for everybody else). And I get a Tofurky while everyone else eats turkey. Here's what we had this year.

Of course, there's the obligatory Tofurky. Some years, I mix it up and bring a Field Roast or a Gardein turkey, but good old Tofurky will always be my fave. It's bigger, and I think, tastier, than its competitors:

My mama is FAMOUS for her Cornbread Dressin.' And lucky y'all, the recipe is in Cookin' Crunk. But hers is always better than mine because she has the magic touch (and because she uses white flour):

The one dish I knew I'd miss the most when I went vegan after Thanksgiving 2004 was Hash Brown Casserole (hash browns, cream of mushroom soup, cheese, butter, and cornflakes). For a few years after going vegan, I definitely missed it! But then my mama tried veganizing it using Daiya cheddar and her homemade vegan cream of celery soup! Hurray!! Hash Brown Casserole again! (Oh, and her version is also in Cookin' Crunk):

While we're on the subject of Cookin' Crunk, look what Granny brought — Corn Casserole (also in my cookbook) made with vegan cream cheese. The recipe in my book is her recipe that she gave me to include:

And there was one more crunk item on the menu — my Deviled Tofu Bites. Granny and Daddy were anxious to try them. And everyone at dinner loved them and said they taste "just like deviled eggs." My aunt Mildred said, "If you were to close your eyes and eat one, you'd never know the difference." Score! By the way, we didn't have nonvegan deviled eggs this year, so everyone ate tofu! And we put them in my Mama's retro glass deviled egg dish:

While we were in Atlanta for VegFest a couple weekends back, my Mama and I picked up some Judyfood Southwestern Dip from the Whole Foods by our hotel. It's a local (to Georgia) savory vegan dip that tastes like dressed-up mayo. This dip has chipotle peppers and sundried tomatoes. We used one of Judy's (the maker of Judyfood dips) for Southwestern Pasta Salad. It has pasta, Southwestern Dip, black beans, corn, peppers, avocado, lime juice, and some other stuff:

Granny also brought some Greens and Turnips (both hand-picked from a garden!) cooked together, but I forgot to photograph those. And she brought some Green Beans with Carrots:

Mama made some delicious vinegar-based Coleslaw:

And she made her standard homemade Cranberry Sauce with Pecans:

I managed to fit a little of everything mentioned above onto one plate. And I managed to fit that plate's contents into my belly:

And I still saved room for dessert. Now, we've NEVER had pumpkin pie at the Phillips family Thanksgiving dinner. My mom always thought she hated pumpkin, but her tastebuds are expanding, so she decided this would be the year we'd have pumpkin pie. But oh, it wasn't a traditional pumpkin pie. No ma'am. It was a Pumpkin Pudding Pie with Vegan Caramel!

The pumpkin puree is mixed with vegan vanilla pudding and rice whip cream. It sits atop a layer of vegan caramel (homemade, of course) and pecans, all packaged in a graham cracker crust. Oh, and there's more caramel and pecans on top too. This may have been my favorite Thanksgiving pie ever! Here's an inside shot of its creamy goodness:

So now I'm stuffed. We ate all of that at lunch, so for dinner, I had a little popcorn. And even the popcorn was probably too much. I feel like I'm about to explode. But there's more eating ahead of me. I have tons of leftovers for the weekend, and I'll be having my annual veganaversary Black Friday brunch (tofu scramble, hash browns!) at Brother Juniper's with Mama in the morning.

Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Oh, and just in case you want to try some of the above-mentioned recipes (deviled "eggs," corn casserole, my Mama's dressin'), you should head over to All About Vegan Food! Blogger Glauce is giving away a copy of Cookin' Crunk, as well as copies of Hannah's Vegan a la Mode and Isa and Terry's Vegan Pie in the Sky.


Pam said...

Deviled tofu bites! GENIUS!

Addicted to Veggies said...

LOVE this post, and your plate of food is just making me WAY too happy.

Happy no-Turkey Day, chicky!

naveed qumer said...
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Allysia said...

Yup, my mom and granny are the same way, it's awesome! Oh and speaking of devilled eggs, I actually made your recipe for them last night, since I'm doing a vegan demo thing at the library. They're great! The biggest thing I changed is to use extra-firm silken tofu for the base, because I find the smooth texture is more akin to egg whites. Seriously good though. I'm e-high fiving you for that one.

Sarah said...

I *LOVE* Tofurky so much. The only thing I don't like is that there are never enough leftovers.

Babette said...

I would have stuffed myself so much there! Everything looks insanely good. And I'm happy to see pics of the recipes in your book. I haven't tried any of those featured there, yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

About the cornbread dressing... what is it exactly? Is it like stuffing? I don't know if it's because I'm French or because I'm not familiar with Southern cooking, but I thought dressing was only for like salad dressing... how do you eat that?

I have your fassolada soup in the slow cooker right now. Can't wait to try it. It smells delicious.

tender b. said...

Happy Anniversary. Funny I also gave up meat on Thanksgiving (1999) so it too holds a special place in my heart.

moonsword said...

Hash Brown Casserole...that just makes me all weak-kneed with happy hunger. :)
You have an amazing vegan-loving family! I've been vegan over half my life and family still asks me if I eat cheese. ;)
Glad you had a superdelicious T-day weekend! Cheers!

Greg Stamper said...

Inspired your pasta salad. We're having folks over tomorrow night and its an all vegan Southwestern theme. We needed one more dish and this is it! I made my own dressing since we don't have Judy's in NY