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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Down with Winter, Up with Ice Cream!

Okay, okay. Thanks to an anonymous commenter from my last whiny post about the cold weather, I now realize that I don't have it quite so bad. Said commenter reminded me that in some places (like Alberta Canada, for example), -33 is considered cold. And yes, I did mean NEGATIVE 33. I have no idea, nor do I ever want to know, what that must feel like.

Instead, I'll just keep denying the cold weather by eating whatever I want, in season or not. Like these Tofutti Yours Truly cones:

Tofutti sent me some coupons for a few of their new ice cream products, and I immediately rushed to Whole Foods to try them out. Cold weather be damned. I will eat ice cream, and I will eat it year-round. Take that, Winter.

The Yours Truly is a crunchy sugar cone lined with chocolate and packed with vanilla soy cream and then dipped in more chocolate with cookie crumbles. It reminded me of one of those Drumstick cones, which I've not have in ages. I first tried this a few weeks ago when it wasn't quite as cold, so I ate it on my back porch and pretended it was a Drumstick from the ice cream truck. See, isn't denial lovely?

By the way, you should probably know that Tofutti issued a recall on December 10th for some of their Yours Truly cones due to possible milk contamination. I'm not sure if my box was affected and I'm not that worried about it. But if you're a militant vegan or lactose-intolerant, you might wanna wait a while before buying a box.

Tofutti also sent me a coupon for their new Chocolate-Covered Flowers:

These ice cream pops feature edible flower-flavored ice cream covered in rich, dark chocolate. The only edible flowers I've ever tried were pretty tasteless, but this ice cream is quite the opposite. It does have a floral hint, but it tasted more like raspberry to me. The best part is the thin chocolate coating. The dark chocolate had a creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture and just the right balance of bitter and sweet.

I still have one Yours Truly cone left and at least six Chocolate-Covered Flowers pops — plenty to keep me in denial for at least another month of winter.