Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day "Fish" Fry!

I have the most awesome dad ever. He's a badass. He rides a Harley, loves anything with skulls on it, and drinks his whiskey straight. But deep-down, he's a big ole softie. Just don't tell him I told you. He'd do ANYTHING for me and my mama. And he's already done plenty for us over the years! If it weren't for my daddy, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this blogpost in a house that I own. He helped me make the down-payment on this place a few years ago. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for what all he's done to help me out over the years. Love this dude!

So of course, we had to celebrate Father's Day with him! Paul and I headed over to Jonesboro this afternoon, and when we arrived, my mama was already busy deep-frying stuff in the garage (that keeps the house from smelling like fried food)! We had a good old-fashioned, Southern fish fry!

Everyone else had real fish, but my mama fried me up some Gardein Fishless Filets. And she made all the sides vegan. Daddy tried the Gardein fish and declared it to be delicious and akin to the stuff they serve at Long John Silver's. I've never eaten there, but I do think the Gardein fish is remarkably fish-like.

She even made Vegan Tartar Sauce using Vegenaise, Gold's horseradish, and chopped pickles.

And she also used Vegenaise in the Coleslaw.

The Hush Puppies were probably my fave though. These little fried balls of cornbread were flecked with bits of fresh jalapeno. So delicious!!

We had quite the feast! So afterward, we all took part in daddy's favorite hobby — sitting around and watching TV! Watched a little drag-racing, and then we flipped over to one of those hidden camera reality shows and got stuck in that for about an hour. It was a lovely, delicious, relaxing afternoon!

Happy Father's Day, Papa Crunk!


Babette said...

Sounds like a nice Father's Day celebration.

I've never eat Hush Puppies!

adriennefriend said...

Your family is the best! Thanks for the great post. What a happy father's day!!

Christine (The Raw Project) said...

Such a great time with family and so sweet about the vegan alternatives prepared.