Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vegan Camping Food

Last night, I blogged about all the meals I bought from vegan-friendly vendors at the 13th annual Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival. But I didn't buy every meal in Centeroo, the main festival area. I ate several meals at my campsite, which was about a mile walk from the festival area.

Since we camp in the Guest Camping site (where media, marketing teams, and other guests of festival stay), we have an easy exit to get into the town of Manchester and buy food from Subway, Taco Bell, Shoney's, and Walmart. It's a small town and options are slim, but there are vegan dishes at most fast food places if you know what to order.

But this year, I think I only ate out once. I got a Subway Veggie Delite Sandwich with Avocado after we got our campsite set up on Thursday. The rest of my campsite meals consisted of snacks and portable meals that I packed with me. Every morning, I woke up and boiled water on my camp stove to make ramen! I know this little pot, with its flaking non-stick surface, has seen better days. But I just can't seem to part with it. It's perfect for the camp stove.

I buy these vegan instant ramen cups by Tradition in the kosher section at Kroger. The Tomato Flavor one is my fave, but I also packed Artificial Beef and Vegetable flavors. Nothing beat a breakfast of instant ramen.

I packed way more food than I actually ate. And I failed to photograph most of my snacks, but throughout the weekend, I munched on Kettle Maple Bacon Chips (yes, they're vegan!), Blue Diamond almonds (Smokehouse and Soy Sauce & Wasabi flavors), and Primal Strips. I also had my share of Wild Garden Sundried Tomato Hummus to-go packs on Whole Foods Ritz-style crackers and baby carrots from the Memphis Farmers Market.

One evening (Saturday maybe?) I plopped this whole bag of Tasty Bite Bombay Potatoes in a pot of boiling water and had this for dinner. Please ignore my weird expression, wrinkles, and lack of makeup. The important thing is this bag of delicious Indian-spiced taters.

I also packed an Annie Chun's Miso Soup bowl that just required hot water, but I never got around to eating that. And I had lots of Odwalla bars and to-go packs of Justin's Almond Butter that didn't get eaten. Better to pack too much food than not enough!

5 comments: said...

I always overpack when it comes to camping, especially at a festival when you don't quite know what the food options will be like. I always take scones and a homemade mix to whip up pancakes in the morning!

Sheridan said...

Ooooh, those are some good camping eats!! I want to go camping now!

Barb@ThatWasVegan? said...

We're leaving for a camping trip tomorrow morning (well, "camping" in an RV, haha), and I always way overpack on food. I need to add some ramen tho! Looks yummy :)

foodfeud said...

I overpack snacks even just for regular days at work, haha! So I would definitely bring tooons of food to a festival.
Those Bombay packs sound really useful.

Snowdie Pearl said...

Hey girl, TJ and I went camping for our 11th anniversary. We had an awesome time. We made vegan stuffed bell peppers and lentil burgers on the grill. It was delicious!