Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last Day In Atlanta

All week, I've been blogging pictures from Atlanta VegFest and the stuff I ate while I was there last weekend. Tonight's last Atlanta installment features all the treats we ate on Sunday before hitting the road for the 6.5-hour drive back to Memphis. And when I say "treats," I do mean "treats." Sunday in Atlanta was a very special day.

It started at Dough Bakery, where we stopped for brunch after checking out of our hotel.

Dough is a magical land that functions as part vegan bakery/part vegan butcher shop. Yes, you read that right. Butcher shop. The meat counter is called Gutenfleischer's Deli, and there a "butcher" uses a deli meat slicer to cut paper-thin slices of their homemade seitan meats. I visited Dough when I was in Atlanta last year and simply fell in love. But this year, it was even better because they offer a full-service, sit-down brunch.

The brunch has crazy things like biscuits topped with gravy and fried pickles! As tempting as that sounded, I was craving something tofu eggy. So I went with the slightly more traditional Southern Eggless Benedict — biscuits topped with tofu eggless patties, Gutenfleischer's homemade Canadian bacon, and country gravy. Breakfast heaven.

I couldn't leave without getting some meats sliced at the deli counter. I ordered a half-pound of the herb roast and all that was left of the pesto roast. It's wrapped in butcher paper and stored in a plastic deli bag. I also grabbed some of their homemade white vegan queso and Treeline Scallion Soft Cheese, a new probiotic, cashew-based cheese. Thank goddess we brought a cooler for stashing food souvenirs.

After brunch, I was stuffed. But we still had one more crucial food stop — Revolutions Doughnuts!

Y'all this is a vegan-friendly doughnut shop! Most of their doughnuts are vegan, and it's easy to tell which ones aren't safe because the vegan ones are marked with a V. I died when I saw this case. Just died.

I know Cassi and I looked like giddy vegan tourists. We even had some random stranger take our picture in front of the case.

I ordered the Raspberry Sprinkle, the Orange Pistachio, and the Vanilla Bean.

Y'all, I've never had a doughnut this soft and fresh in my life. I've eaten at Voodoo a few times when in Portland, and I do love that place. But Revolutions puts Voodoo to shame. And it's only a short drive from Memphis! Don't put it past me to do occasional road trips for vegan doughnuts. I will do crazy things for doughnuts.

Since we were hitting the road, I also grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Revolutions.

For those who don't know, the Starbucks Pumpkin Latte isn't vegan even if you get it with soymilk due to dairy in the flavor syrup. It's totally stupid, and I miss those lattes. But this one was totally vegan! And better than Starbucks anyway.

The drive home seemed as though it'd never end. We were so worn out, and I may have been in the beginning stages of a food coma. But when we finally arrived, I immediately drove my ass to Subway, where I ordered a Veggie Delite to stuff with my new vegan deli meats!

Aw, we had such fun in Atlanta. But I'm glad to be back. Now, if only Memphis had a vegan doughnut shop ...


Adi. said...

I love to travel, but I'm way too broke to go anywhere at the moment. :( However, when that changes (I know it will!) I'll definitely want to stop by these places. You literally inspired me to want to go out and find any vegan bakeries or vegan deli's around my apartment! Better start saving up money in a separate jar.$$$

Sheridan and Drew said...

Ahhhhh!!! That breakfast and those doughnuts!!!! I want them all. Drew and I really need a food road trip soon to try some of this stuff out! said...

I've been following Dough on Instagram for ages and I can't wait to go there one day. I'll definitely be making a stop for doughnuts too!

Sophie said...

I am jealous! Vegan doughnuts!!

I use this pumpkin caramel to make pumpkin lattes, and it is awesome

It is also so good in oatmeal! I froze half the recipe and it is still good defrosted.

tamara said...

This post is killing me. I lived in Atlanta until last year. I was at Revolution the first weekend it opened and became OBSESSED. I put on so much weight eating their doughnuts while studying for the bar summer 2012. I am visiting in Jan and can't wait to have them again. They are the BEST. I live in Portland now and usually don't even bother with Voodoo. Revolution is 10000x better. Dough is awesome, too. Love their brunch options!

So much nostalgia : ( I gotta move back to ATL.

luminousvegans said...

Dude, you totally visited all my favorite eats! Dough and Revolution Donuts are my jam. I wish we could eat out more because I'm pretty sure I would be eating at both those places every week...maybe even every day. I'm so glad that you were able to try them both!

Susan said...

All cities should have a vegan doughnut shop!