Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30-Day Vegan Challenge Online!

A couple of years ago, I reviewed Colleen Patrick Goudreau's 30-Day Vegan Challenge book, which was filled with articles on the baby steps of going plant-based. But sadly, that book is no longer in print.

But you know what? That's okay! Because now the whole thing is online, and there's even more content! I wanted to take a few moments to tell y'all about Colleen's awesome 30-Day Vegan Challenge website, because if you know someone who is veg-curious, this is the perfect gift for them.

For a $20 subscription (and yes, you can buy gift subscriptions), which is about the same price you'd pay for the old book version, the recipient gets daily emails, podcasts, videos, recipes, and more on 30 topics relating to going vegan.

This is what the home-screen looks like once you create an account.

Colleen gifted me a subscription so I could browse around the site and tell y'all all about it. And I have to say, after poking around on the site, I kind of wish I was a new vegan and had this guide at my fingertips. Transitioning was fairly easy for me back in 2004, but it would have been so much easier with a 30-Day Vegan Challenge subscription.

Take, for example, the daily lesson topics. Here's a handful: Stocking a Healthful Vegan Kitchen, Trying New Foods, Making Time to Cook, Eating Out and Speaking Up, Packing Lunches, Discovering There Is Life After Cheese, and Baking Without Eggs.

Through the 30 days, Colleen hits all the concerns in the newbie vegan's typical FAQ. With each lesson are videos by Colleen, audio podcasts, meal plans, and recipes. And the recipes are simple dishes that will help ease new vegans into the lifestyle. No weird (but delicious) vegan ingredients (I'm talkin' to you, nutritional yeast and shirataki noodles). Just easy meals made from common ingredients. There's Tofu Scramble, Simple Bean Burritos, Spicy Red Bell Pepper Soup, Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, and No-Bake Apple Crumble to name a few.

Anyway, I'm sure I've carried on long enough. But this is a really great program. If you're thinking of going vegan or know someone who is, the 30-Day Vegan Challenge is a nice way to start.


foodfeud said...

I'm a big fan of having a book in my hands but I know that things are moving the way of the internet and I love that Colleen is keeping this stuff accessible and easy for everyone!

Cassi C said...

Sure would be nice to have this. I need all the extra tips I can get.

Adi said...

It's almost as if she's holding your hand and guiding you through the whole process. What a very good idea she had!