Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day in Jonesboro, Arkansas with my favorite mamas!

From left to right, there's Granny (Daddy's mom), Me-Maw (Mama's mom), me, and my Mama.

Even though it was Mother's Day, my mom still volunteered to cook lunch. Usually, we go out to a restaurant on Mother's Day so nobody has to cook, but this time, she wanted to make spaghetti. She made spaghetti with meat sauce for the rest of the family, but she made me a special Vegan Spaghetti with Boca Meat Sauce:

This was so delicious. I rarely eat white pasta and white bread, but damn, they're so good. Especially when that white bread is coated with Earth Balance and garlic powder on both sides!

My mom also made a Garden Salad with Basil Vinaigrette:

Her basil vinaigrette is ridiculously delicious. I actually went back for seconds on my salad because it was so good. Who does that? Seconds of salad?

My Granny made a Strawberry Cake:

This tasted like strawberry shortcake!! The cake inside was yellow and moist, and it was covered with a yummy fresh strawberry glaze. And guess how she made it? Just cake mix (vegan-friendly, of course) and Sprite. That's it. She mixed the two together, baked it, and topped it with fresh strawberries. Amazing!!


Barb@ThatWasVegan said...

I've seen those cake mix + soda recipes on pinterest, but haven't tried any yet... that one sounds good!

Caitlin said...

cake mix and sprite?! your grandmother is awesome! that cake looks delicious!

Lesley said...

I'm so thrilled to find your blog. I've just turned vegan for 4 months now and I need appetizing food ideas,to keep going on this path. I look forward to your book and recipes so that I can at least enjoy eating meals.
Had a super grandmothers day, with the kids and grand kids, including the mushy mothers day card with tiny little orange hand prints on the cover that were supposed to be flowers on a flower pot. Got a Tracfone SVC for seniors, with the big keys and letters on the screen so I don't have to use my glasses. We had chocolate fudge cake and my grand daughter 3.5yrs got her face full of chocolate. Mothers day is my favorite day of the year & my grand kids give me so much joy.

Babette said...

Cake with Sprite? That must be something!

I also rarely get to eat white pasta and white bread, but when I do, it is so good... I could eat a plate of white pasta with salt, pepper and olive oil for a meal and my taste buds would seriously be extatic!

Your mom is so nice to have cooked a special meal for you =)

foodfeud said...

So many mamas! Sounds very fun. The cake looks delicious! I can't wait for strawberries to get ripe up here

Erin said...

Happy Mother's Day to all your moms! The whole meal looks so tasty, I would go back for more of that salad, with the bacos on it :)