Monday, September 5, 2016

Stuff I Ate

Hope y'all have had a lovely Labor Day! Paul and I went camping at Reelfoot Lake with some friends, and even though my friend Nicole (she's also vegan) and I ate plenty of delicious food there, I failed to take any pics! She made the best kale salad with sesame oil and some damn tasty potato salad. I brought Tofurky Spinach Pesto sausages for the grill. But we ate so late that it was dark out, and I just didn't take pictures. Fail, I know. But I do have lots of random food pics from the past couple weeks. So here goes!

I've been eating my burgers bun-less lately. I'm not watching my carbs (and, in fact, lettuce is a carb so even lettuce wraps are carb-y), but I have been trying to save calories to allow for lots of potato chips on the side. I got some great new chips in the mail to review, so more on that in a later post. But here's one of those bun-less burgers. This is a Hillary's Eat Well Root Veggie Burger on a lettuce "bun" with Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda, homemade pickles, local tomatoes, onion, and dijon mustard.

Here's a burger I enjoyed with the bun! Last week, Paul and I had dinner at Huey's, and I got the Low-Fat Veggie Burger plate. I order the burger the low-fat way because it comes without cheese, and it's on a whole wheat bun. All I have to do to make it vegan is ask them to leave off the mayo. On the side, I got steamed veggies. Huey's has an amazing veggie burger, and it's totally vegan. But beware of their black bean burger — that one isn't vegan.

The very vegan-friendly Fuel Cafe just re-opened after being closed for a few months. The new menu has more vegan options than ever! I went there on Friday night with my buddy Susan, and I got the Vegan Grilled Cheese with Chao, avocado, and spinach. Homemade pickles on the side.

I also ordered a bowl of Fuel's Quinoa & Black Bean Chili. I love this chili, and if you order it vegan-style, they'll top it with Tofutti sour cream. You can also get it on nachos!

The other day, I got a hankering for a peanut butter-chocolate dessert. Lucky for me, I had a couple of Stephanie's Peanut Butter Bomb Cupcakes in my freezer. These chocolate cupcakes with PB cream were her birthday cakes from January! I stashed a few in my freezer, and they held up very well. 

I'm a huge fan of Rise & Resist podcast co-host Lacy Davis' Instagram account, and she often posts pics of her banana snacks. I had a Lacy-style banana snack before yoga last week. Banana with Tahini, Cacao Nibs, & Candied Walnuts.

And finally, last night, after I made it home from a two-hour drive back from camping, I was way too tired to cook. And I was craving veggies! So I went to Imagine Vegan Cafe for takeout — Vegetable Plate with Vegan Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, Steamed Broccoli, and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. I bought a giant container of Imagine's ranch to use on the side for broccoli dippin', and I have tons of ranch leftover for salads at home.


vegan peace said...

That cupcake looks so freaking delicious, I want one now! It doesn't even look like it was in a freezer ever! I'm also craving collards now!!

Dana said...

mmmm.. all of that looks so freaking good! I have really been craving veggie plates lately. Give me all the fried okra and cornbread!!