Thursday, January 28, 2016

Abundance Diet, Day 25

Thursdays on Somer McCowan's Abundance Diet are typically all about leftovers, which is one of the reasons I love this 28-day plan. I hate food waste, and I can't really afford (financially or time-wise) to cook brand-new meals every day.

So today, I had more of what you've already seen. My morning started with yoga, and then it was time for the Annie's Da Cherry Bomb Smoothie from The Abundance Diet cookbook. But this morning, I tried Somer's Mayan Cherry variation on that smoothie. It has added cocoa powder and cayenne. I loved this cherry-banana-spinach-flax smoothie even more with the chocolate!

Lunch was leftovers of the Green Goddess Spinach Salad and the Cheesiest Potato Soup, which you can see in this post from Day 22. My snack was more kale chips, and my dinner was leftover Chile Rellanos Casserole. I was super-excited to get to eat that chile bake again. So cashew cheesy and creamy!

I've typically been dining out on Thursdays for dinner since they're leftovers days. But I dined out last night at LYFE Kitchen, so I stayed in this evening. But I did get a special treat. I ended up making the Saturday meal plan dessert tonight! On Saturday, I'm going to a dinner party (and probably eating a few non-cleanse dishes), and though I'm not certain what's on the menu, I'm sure there will be something sweet. But I definitely wanted to try the Orange Chocolate Silk Mousse before the Abundance Diet was over. So I enjoyed it tonight in my PJs!

This is a silk tofu-based mousse with grain-sweetened carob chips, cashews, cocoa powder, orange zest, and dates. It's sooooooooo good. I actually licked the Vitamix. Probably my favorite dessert on the cleanse so far. I love creamy mousses and puddings!

Alright, well, we're heading into the last weekend on the Abundance Diet. And I'll go ahead and tell you now that I have a few cheats planned. Tomorrow night, I'm going to a birthday party for Stephanie, and there will be cupcakes and vegan cheese dip. So I'll indulge, but I'm going to try not to eat until I make myself sick, which is what I usually do at parties. And on Saturday, there's that dinner party I mentioned. But the host is gluten-free, so I think some of the dishes will fall within cleanse guidelines. And if not, I'll try everything anyway! I'll check back in on Sunday night with a recap.


Sarah said...

Everything looks amazing! You've done such a great job! This is definitely the most appealing cleanse, especially in the winter months because the meals look nice and hearty and like they will keep you warm on a cold day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sarah Kate said...

Your posts inspired me to make the Chile Rellanos Casserole and Cheesiest Potato Soup yesterday and they were both awesome. I'm still in awe of the Moxerella . . . so stretchy and cheezy :)

Jesse Ashby said...

You have got me wanting that cookbook!

Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Wow! You really know how to make vegan food and beverages look beautiful (And, I have a very strong feeling that it tastes as good as it looks)!

Bee Halton said...

Hi there that mouse and the chocolate cherry smoothie sound really delicious. But that is not the only reason I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.

I awarded you because I believe you have an excellent blog and I want to introduce it to my readers. This award is great for that.

But I also know that awards are a lot of work, and they do not fit in every blog. So feel free to take part if it tempts you and if not go on with what you do best: Your blog!!!!!!