Monday, October 14, 2013

Cassi's Slumber Party!

Yesterday, I told y'all about Birth Week, the days preceding and following my birthday. I celebrate for a week straight because that means more parties, more friend time, and more opportunities to pig out. But it just so happens that I'm not the only friend in my circle celebrating Birth Week this week.

My friend Cassi's birthday was on Friday (mine is Wednesday), and we had a girls-only vegan slumber party at her house to celebrate. We wore PJs, ate vegan pizza, watched Pretty In Pink, and played Girl Talk (yes, the old board game from the 80s where you have to complete dares or declare your loser-ness with zit stickers).

Oh, and we consumed lots of wine and wore mustache tattoos on our fingers. Here's Cassi sporting a very serious mustache and a bottle of Bitch Bubbly.

Cassi picked up a large Mega-Veggie vegan pizza with Daiya from Mellow Mushroom. In true slumber party fashion, we devoured this while sitting on a blanket in the floor.

And she got an order of their vegan Muffuleta Bread (olive salad, French bread, and Daiya!!! So good!).

I picked up a quart of TCBY's Silk Chocolate Almond Milk Yogurt on the way to Cassi's, but we were having so much fun that we forgot to eat it.

We didn't forget the cake though! Cassi requested a build-your-own cupcake bar from our resident vegan baker bestie Stephanie (Poopie Bitch from the PPK). We are so lucky to have a professional vegan baker in our friend circle! She brought un-frosted cupcakes, three bags of frosting (vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry), and sprinkles so we could decorate our own.

Here's some the ladies getting creative with their cakes. On the right is my pal Autumn, whose birthday happens to be today!

And here's my finished creation. Yes, I went with vanilla cake and vanilla frosting. I'm a vanilla kind of girl.

Later in the night, we made popcorn, and rumor has it there was even a late-night Taco Bell run for black bean burrito frescas!


The Peace Patch said...

Happy BirthWeek! You really know how to celebrate...I must remember that crazyamazing cupcake bar idea for my next birthday. Rainbow sprinkelz...yay!

Sandi said...

That is so awesome! I did not know TCBY had a vegan option, very cool.

Barb@ThatWasVegan? said...

I'm not even sure where to begin... first of all, my birthday is coming up and I want to celebrate for a whole week! Also, I've eaten at MM a bunch of times and never knew about this bread! What gives!? Cupcakes look yummy :)

Cassi c. said...

I had to veganize the bread at MM but what Cassi wants Cassi gets lol. All you have to do is ask, sub the gross stuff & you have vegan cheese bread!