Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Mother's Day Post

So I had this massive Tasty Bite review post planned for tonight, but time got away from me as I was preparing and packing for New Orleans Veggie Fest. I'll be making the road trip tomorrow and doing two cooking demos and a booksigning at the annual fest. If you're close to NOLA, come see me! And come see Victoria Moran (Main Street Vegan), Ellen Jaffe Jones (Eat Vegan on $4 a Day), Will Travel for Vegan Food blogger Kristin LaJeunesse.

Since Mother's Day is coming up, and I will be out of town and unable to celebrate with my own mama, I'll leave y'all with this fine little note. It's something I gave my mama on Mother's Day way back in 1991 when I was just 10 years old. My mom recently discovered this in a pile of old keepsakes. The note had multiple sections. One section featured this awful chubby-cheeked picture of me.

And then there was this little choppy train-of-thought letter. ADD much? It's really astounding that I grew up to be a writer. Who would have guessed?

In case you're wondering, "Tiny" was Me-Maw's cat. And Foxmoor and Maurice's were clothing stores in the mall.

Happy Mother's Day! I'll be back with a full Veggie Fest recap on Monday night. And I promise to post that Tasty Bite review next week.


Adi said...

This is so sweet! I love your hair, and I'm not kidding either! :D I remember writing my mom a letter once too, she still has it in the house. I was only about three years old.

Happy early Mother's Day to your mom! :)

The Chubby Vegetarian said...

Bianca, that is absolutely adorable!


Mary said...

This is so cute! Don't you love when things like this pop up in the attic?

I noticed you mentioned the NOLA vegfest and couldn't help but wonder... are you going to be at the Bethlehem, PA one in September? I'm moving there in a few months and saw it on the Social Calendar and got so excited! It looks like it'll be a great time- hope to see you there!

Happy Mother's Day,

foodfeud said...

THAT PICTURE IS FANTASTIC. You were already pretty awesome, and now you're about 10x cooler for posting that.
Happy mother's day to mama crunk and all the rest of em.

Bianca said...

Hi Mary! I don't think I'll be at the Bethlehem VegFest. :-( My publisher has been sending me to the VegFests in the South that I can car-trip to. But I'm afraid PA is too far! Have fun though!!

Sheridan & Drew said...

Um, hilarious and pretty stinkin' cute!! Just think, two short years after that pic was taken, we met and the rest is history!! Hahha! Happy belated Mother's Day to your mama!