Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Health Made Simple, Day 36

Here's a recap of what I ate on Monday on the Health Made Simple plan from No Meat Athlete. My morning started with a Bearded Brothers Coconut Mango Bar before yoga at the YMCA. Have y'all had these? Much like Larabars, they're made with dates, nuts, and other fruits! Love them. It's nice to have new flavors when you've been eating the same Larabars over and over.

Breakfast was a Raspberry Banana Smoothie (banana, raspberries, walnuts, and spinach) and, of course, coffee! My new fave creamer is Califia Farms Better Half (unsweetened).

I had Trail Mix for my morning snack. This has cashews, almonds, walnuts, coconut, dried pineapple, and dried cranberries.

Lunch was leftover Whole Wheat Pita Pizza with cashew cheese and a giant salad with kidney beans and cashew-hemp dressing. Enjoyed at my desk because I was very busy on Monday!

Afternoon snack was more fruit! Bananas, strawberries, clementines.

Dinner was the best recipe on Health Made Simple so far!! Butternut Squash Pasta! This was like mac & cheese but the sauce was made with roasted, pureed butternut squash, plus roasted onions and garlic and blended cashews. Best vegan mac and cheese I've ever had, y'all! Steamed kale on the side.


Sarah said...

Ok, I seriously love that you can indulge in comfort foods like pizza and mac n cheese totally guilt free and on plan! That is seriously incredible and definitely inspiring to those of us that want to get a bit healthier :) The coconut mango bar sounds really great too, I don't know why I would never think to add mango to those bars but I bet it was amazing!

Unknown said...

That bar sounds delicious! I haven’t seem those before. I used to make my own larabar style energy balls all the time and really need to get back to it....
that mac and cheese sounds fantastic! There’s a butternut squash pasta sauce from ohsheglows website i love and have made a ton that sounds really similar

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